A Writer/Reader’s Review of Seeking His Love by Carrie Taransky

Journey of the Mind—Tips for Writers

After meeting Carrie Turansky at the ACFW Conference in Indianapolis, I was eager to buy her latest book, Seeking His Love. Here’s my review of this delightful read.

Leaving her old home and the problems her unwise actions created, Rachel Clark seeks a new start and a space at the old Fairhaven School for her teen theater group. Cam McKenna, director of the artist co-op that rents the rest of the school, is leery of kids disrupting the creative atmosphere of the building. A widower yet to come to grips with the loss of his own family, he is also wary of the attraction he feels for the beautiful Rachel. Against his better judgment, he not only allows the teen drama group to rent the space but also allows Rachel to rent the upstairs apartment in his home. When Cam’s young niece comes to spend the summer with him while her mother—Cam’s sister—battles cancer, Rachel becomes a mentor to the troubled teenage girl and Cam finds himself drawn not only to Rachel but to God as well. A jealous co-worker stirs up trouble from Rachel’s secret past in a bid for Cam’s attentions.

The tension of an unknown stalker and the unfolding love story make Seeking His Love a page turner. Rachel will have to face an embarrassing situation when she discovers you can never run away from your problems or avoid the harmful consequences of lies. Cam must learn to trust and love again.

With richly drawn characters and vivid descriptions of setting, Carrie Turansky weaves a contemporary tale of love—as Rachel and Cam learn to seek the truest and highest love.  God’s love. Carrie’s accurate and in-depth depictions of teenage angst and confusion reveal her real life experience as a mother.


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