The Inspiration behind Carolina Reckoning

CarolinaReckoningCoverAlison wrestles with issues of forgiveness and faith in a world where everyone she’s ever loved has abandoned or betrayed her. Like many, she longs to find Someone, anyone, she can rely upon.

Carolina Reckoning is a novel for those who’ve felt alone and faced an unknown future. For those who’ve felt abandoned and betrayed by a friend, spouse or family member.

But in the midst of pain and disillusionment, there is a Savior and Father God who is always faithful and true. Enough for every need.

I am excited about proclaiming that message to readers.

It is the story, in a small way, of my life. My own journey, like Alison, toward faith.

Carolina Reckoning is ultimately a novel about hope and that true hope, forgiveness and love will be found in Jesus Christ.

I hope you enjoy Carolina Reckoning—a little sweet tea and a whole lot of southern magnolia.


2 thoughts on “The Inspiration behind Carolina Reckoning

  1. What an inspiring message will be found in this book! So many people need to hear this message—-Continued blessings to you, Andrea J.

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