The Quilts Featured in Carolina Reckoning—Grandmother’s Flower Garden

GFG1No surprise that this much-loved vintage quilt would be Alison’s personal favorite. This pattern has its origins in 18th and 19th century honeycomb or mosaic patterns. But the 20th century version became popular in the 1920s and especially during the years of the Great Depression. Quilters in hard economic times, like today, were able to utilize the pastel prints of their scrap basket to fashion this labor intensive but lovely old-fashioned design.

GFG2The colorful handsewn hexagons are a cheerful reminder of happier times and sunny flower gardens. Many quilt historians speculate the traditional white hexagons that buffer the bright “blooms” represent white picket fences. Green was readily available and often served as the binding and symbolized the garden path. The six-sided hexagons contain a center—sometimes yellow—representing the flower’s center.

Trivia quiz—What event at Weathersby involved a Grandmother’s Flower Garden quilt? What happened?

Anyone have Grandmother’s Flower Garden photo they’d like to share?GFG3

Your own creation, an antique/yard sale find or heirloom?

Please send me a jpg of your quilt and I’ll post them on the blog for everyone to enjoy.

For more info on Carolina Reckoning or to see behind-the-scene photos including quilts, visit


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