Let’s Go Hawaiian—The Painted Church

6.14.03 HA 60When missionaries arrived in the Hawaiian islands, few islanders could read or write in English. As a way of sharing the gospel, pastors would often paint Bible stories onto the walls on the church sanctuary so that the truths of Scripture could spring to life for the island people.

This small church just off the highway to the Place of Refuge is a wonderful place to stop. Here a 19th century priest—and self-taught artist—shepherded his flock through the use of these beautiful renditions of Bible stories. The church has a commanding and breathtaking view out the back of the bay. The parking is well appointed and there is no entry fee.

6.14.03 HA 59The church, listed on the National Register, is a still active congregation and lovingly preserved by its congregants. Respect any services in progress. And if all clear, leave a donation for the unique example of missionary art.

For more behind the scene photos in Aloha Rose, visit http://www.pinterest.com/quiltsoflove/aloha-rose-by-lisa-carter/.


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