Let’s Go Hawaiian—The Beautiful Rainbow Population of Hawaii

Hawaiian Tropical WomanIn the Aloha state, Hawaii is one of only 3 states that has no racial majority. Instead, Hawaii is one of the few places on Earth where a rainbow mix of cultures and ethnicities blend together peacefully. In the spirit of “aloha,” Hawaiians practice a mutual respect for one another. This rainbow population hails from many different ethnic cultures such as Japanese, Caucasian, Hawaiian, Filipino, Chinese, Vietnamese, Samoan, Portuguese and Korean. Even though each group may have different beliefs and practices, they share a special bond with one another manifested in their overriding cultural pride of being Hawaiian.

Check out the individual links to each of the colors in Hawaii’s cultural rainbow—http://library.thinkquest.org/TQ0310120/.

Chinese—like Elyse’s husband, Ben Ching

Filipino—like a sweet, singing college compatriot of mine

Caucausians—like Kai Barnes

Native Hawaiian—like Tutu Mily and Auntie Teah

Japanese—like Mrs. Nagato and her grandson

Korean—like my friend whose true life story became the inspiration for Aloha Rose

Portuguese—like Daddy Pete and a real life friend with whom I co-labored on mission in the Irish Channel in New Orleans—yes, we were both a long way from home in more ways than one!!!

This ethnic rainbow is one the things I love most about Hawaii—like a precursor to Heaven, like the way things should be on earth.

For more behind the scene photos of Aloha Rose, visit http://www.pinterest.com/quiltsoflove/aloha-rose-by-lisa-carter/.


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