What is a hogan?

4.1.08 MV 29 Susie's Hogon4.1.08 MV 23 Don in Susie's Hogon

The hogan is the round or conical shaped traditional home of the Navajo people. Made of wood, mud, and packed earth, the hogan was cool in the heat of a desert summer and provided insulating warmth during desert winters. The homes were built with the doorway facing east in line with Navajo beliefs concerning welcoming the rising sun and to ensure blessing.

Most Navajo live in modern, tribal-constructed homes now. Most hogans are for ceremonial purposes or utilized as a summer residence among families who still tend small flocks of sheep.

For more behind-the-scene photos from Beneath a Navajo Moon, visit http://www.pinterest.com/lisacoxcarter/beneath-a-navajo-moon/.


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