Southern Pecan Coffee & Southern Rites of Passage

imagesSoutherners love and baby their pecan trees. And picking up the pecans every fall is a true Southern rite of passage. Some of my earliest memories involve helping my great-aunt Polly pick up pecans in her yard or at the family home-place.

My girls also started early at Aunt Grace’s, each of them with their pecan pickin’ buckets—kind of like a Southern fall version of an Easter egg hunt.

coffeeThese pecans will be cracked by hand or by a “professional” who lives down the road and has a machine. The hulls will be painstakingly picked clean from the meat. And these beauties will make their way into pies, casseroles, divinity candy, and entrees from church homecomings to Thanksgiving to Christmas celebrations.

coffee2What better way to cherish these fond family memories than by sipping Southern pecan coffee all year round?

(Which may be why Erin brings this gourmet coffee with her onto the Navajo Rez.)

What’s your favorite coffee flavor?

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4 thoughts on “Southern Pecan Coffee & Southern Rites of Passage

      • Absolutely heavenly tasting coffee. Just like Beneath a Navajo Moon, how visual and emotionally electic. I’m reading your book now and enjoying it.

  1. Thanks so much, Enid. I’m so glad you are enjoying it. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m glad you find Navajo Moon visual—I try to make each of my novels a destination. So readers will feel that they are truly there sensing and experiencing every nuance along with the characters. You made my day. 🙂

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