Lumbee Handicrafts

Some of the Native American handicrafts of the Lumbee people, which inspired portions of Vines of Entanglement, set in Raleigh and Pembroke, North Carolina.


Ian’s soapstone turtle came in a handcrafted pine needle basket like this.


The turtle has special significance to the Lumbee—People of the Dark Water.

In this Sandhills region of the longleaf pine, the pinecone is represented in Lumbee jewelry and fiber arts along with tribal logo motifs.

The turtle to all Native American tribes symbolizes power, strength and longevity.lumbeejewelry_1407991066_75



Handcrafted Lumbee jewelry can be found at

My go-to source for Lumbee and other Native American handicrafts is the Eagle Feather Arts store in downtown Pembroke. Annie Ruth and the other wonderful ladies make each visit a treat.

For more about the annual Lumbee Homecoming, visit


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