Behind the Scenes Photos for His Secret Daughter

Time for a new series means ROAD TRIP. All in the name of research, of course. But it was no burden when book research took me to the wonderful Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.




His Secret Daughter

He just found out he’s a father…
But is he ready to be a dad?

When veteran Jake McAbee learns he has a daughter, he’s determined to raise the adorable toddler. But Maisie’s foster mom, Callie Jackson, insists Jake stay at her orchard until he’s prepared for fatherhood. While Jake and Maisie bond, the trio begins to feel like family. Could the best home for Maisie be the one Jake and Callie create together?


The first book in the new Blue Ridge series, His Secret Daughter, takes place in an apple orchard. And so, my husband and I traveled to an area known as Apple Valley in early spring last year—just in time to enjoy the apple blossoms and smell their lovely aroma.


Many thanks to Red & Joan Price, Melissa, Megan and Chris Pendergraft at Mountain Fresh Orchards in Hendersonville, NC for helping me understand the intricacies of growing apples and for the tour of your beautiful orchard.

I hope you will enjoy Callie and Jake’s story.

Happy Reading,


For more behind the scene photos on His Secret Daughter, visit Pinterest.


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