The Inspiration behind His Secret Daughter

When one of my friends was a toddler, her father was deployed for a very long time during the Vietnam War. Her mother was afraid she wouldn’t remember him when he returned. So as they went through their normal routine, her mother talked about her dad a lot.

“Blue is Daddy’s favorite color. Daddy likes red apples the best. Pumpkin pie is his favorite dessert . . .”

And sure enough, when her family was reunited at the Welcome Home ceremony, my friend wasn’t shy at all. She ran right up to the man her mother hadn’t let her forget while he was serving his country.


My friend told me this story years ago, but it stuck with me. What a clever and creative way to keep her absent father real and present in her small child’s mind. This idea was the seed that blossomed into His Secret Daughter.

I’ve always loved the Hendersonville area of North Carolina. Having set my Eastern Shore, Virginia series on the beach, I decided my new series would take place in the beautiful North Carolina mountains.

I hope you will enjoy Callie and Jake’s story.

Happy Reading,


For behind the scene photos on His Secret Daughter, visit Pinterest.

2 thoughts on “The Inspiration behind His Secret Daughter

  1. I love to hear the inspiration behind stories. And I was a teen during Vietnam. My siblings had friends serving. Love the book cover. Any significance to your being a teacher and apples? 😀

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