How Southern are you?

Take the Sweet Tea with a Slice of Murder Southern-ness test and find out.

You know you are a true Southern woman if. . .

  1. Your summer weather report reads—hot, hazy and humid.
  2. Your favorite vacation spots include—the beach, the rivuh and the crick.
  3. Everybody’s first name is either Honey, Darlin’ or Shuguh.
  4. Your favorite movie is Fried Green Tomatoes, Driving Miss Daisy, Steel Magnolias or Gone with the Wind.
  5. Your favorite cities are—Chawl’stn, S’vanah, Foat Wuth, N’awlins or Addlanna.
  6. You like your men in—uniform, tuxedos or any way Rhett Butler chose to attire himself.
  7. Your favorite hangouts include the Mall, the Country Club or the Beauty Salon.
  8. You recognize the three deadliest sins and avoid at all costs—bad hair, bad manners, cooking bad food.
  9. You list the top three religions of the South as—Baptist, Methodist and Football.
  10. You know exactly where yonder is, can show someone yonder or can point someone in the general direction of yonder.

Brought to you courtesy of Sweet Tea with a Slice of Murder.

And if you’re a Northerner transplanted to our fair land—bless your heart—we know you got here as fast as you could.

I’d love to hear from you about just how Southern you are. Or, if you aren’t Southern yet, how we at Sweet Tea with a Slice of Murder can get you some counseling to rectify your situation.