14 second #Video—Up, Up and Away—Crop Dusting on the #ESVA

Or as Canyon Collier, in The Bachelor’s Unexpected Family, would be quick to remind us—aerial application.

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3 Minute #Video—We’ll Meet Again

I love those unabashedly romantic ballads from World War Two. Here is a favorite that helped inspire the story in The Bachelor’s Unexpected Family. Enjoy . . .

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Why I Wrote The Bachelor’s Unexpected Family

I don’t know about you, but I’ve always had a hard time letting go.

Letting go of the past. Letting go of those I’ve loved, whether due to relocation or death. Letting go of dreams.

Dreams, which have already fulfilled their purpose in me—realized in God’s timing and in His way—although I may lack the perspective to view it objectively at the time.

It’s not hard for me to let go of the “bad”. My challenge often comes in letting go of that which has been good, fruitful, and purpose-driven in my life. I tend to cling to the past “good”. Unable and unwilling to move forward because of a fear that the new will not prove as wonderful and satisfying or safe as the old.

This book was written during a season of change for me. A time of transition—after the death of my father for whom I’d spent the majority of the last two years caring for. A season of approaching empty nest with one child already in college and the youngest in her senior year of high school. A change in ministry focus. In other words, a lot of change in almost every aspect of my life.

I hate change. But as Kristina discovers in The Bachelor’s Unexpected Family, it is impossible to remain in the past. To refuse to move forward is to stagnate and die—mentally, spiritually and emotionally. When we refuse to fully crossover the threshold of God’s open door, we are in effect saying we don’t trust Him to have our best interests at heart. And what I’ve learned in this season of great change in my life is that God always keeps His children close to His heart. Just like you and I keep our children—no matter where they roam—close to our hearts.

Life can only be lived in the present. This means letting go of the past—with both its joys and hurts. I must choose to look with hope to the future, a future kept safe in the nail-scarred hands of our Savior. And decide each day to live an abundant life in faith.

I hope you will enjoy taking this journey with Kristina and Canyon.

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3 Minute #Video—Sentimental Journey

One of the songs which inspired The Bachelor’s Unexpected Family. Hope you’ll take this sentimental journey with me.

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How to Avoid Getting Seasick #video

Evy Shaw, heroine of The Deputy’s Perfect Match, wishes she had seen this how-not-to video before getting into the boat.

Have you ever been seasick? What worked for you?

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Trekkie Weddings

Harnessing their inner geek, here are some fun ideas for Charlie and Evy’s Star Trek-themed wedding from The Deputy’s Perfect Match:


After a traditional ceremony, let the party begin . . .


The just for fun wedding cake


Evy changes into easier to dance attire


Groomsmen get in on the fun, too.

Charlie and Evy’s wish is for everyone to live long and prosper.

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Behind the Scenes Photos from The Deputy’s Perfect Match

Settings which inspired The Deputy’s Perfect Match


Kiptohanock Square


Kiptohanock Library


Inside Evy’s beloved library sanctuary


Real Life Charming Island Library in Chincoteague, Virginia


The Pruitt home


Kiptohanock Landmark—the Sandpiper Cafe


Kiptohanock’s church

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