Garden Inspiration from The Bachelor’s Unexpected Family

People always ask me as a writer where I find my ideas for a book or a character or a scene. Here is how part of the inspiration for Kristina’s character in The Bachelor’s Unexpected Family evolved, stemming from an incident when I lived on the ESVA.

I love flowers. But I’m a big city girl and most people where I live get flowers from a florist. Yet one day that long ago summer on the ESVA, I went with Jean Davis to gather flowers from an elderly lady’s garden to make an arrangement for the altar for the Sunday service. This real life, seemingly innocuous outing, would spark my imagination into the scene between Kristina and Jade in the book.

Here are some of the flowers—which I now grow in my own garden—that Kristina would use in her Lenten-inspired altar arrangements. These flowers are sure-fire harbingers in the cold of winter that spring is indeed on its way.



Daphnes-Such a sweet fragrance.

Daffodils—My mother calls them jonquils.

Lenten roses—Given to me by my dear friend and fellow writer, Sue Stout.


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