How to Avoid Getting Seasick #video

Evy Shaw, heroine of The Deputy’s Perfect Match, wishes she had seen this how-not-to video before getting into the boat.

Have you ever been seasick? What worked for you?

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Trekkie Weddings

Harnessing their inner geek, here are some fun ideas for Charlie and Evy’s Star Trek-themed wedding from The Deputy’s Perfect Match:


After a traditional ceremony, let the party begin . . .


The just for fun wedding cake


Evy changes into easier to dance attire


Groomsmen get in on the fun, too.

Charlie and Evy’s wish is for everyone to live long and prosper.

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Behind the Scenes Photos from The Deputy’s Perfect Match

Settings which inspired The Deputy’s Perfect Match


Kiptohanock Square


Kiptohanock Library


Inside Evy’s beloved library sanctuary


Real Life Charming Island Library in Chincoteague, Virginia


The Pruitt home


Kiptohanock Landmark—the Sandpiper Cafe


Kiptohanock’s church

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A Place Where Hope Replaces Hurt

The foster kids camp in The Deputy’s Perfect Match was inspired by the real-life ministry of Royal Family KIDS camp.

This wonderful organization makes a difference in the lives of so many children.

Here’s how you can be a part of changing lives—Royal Family KIDS Camp.

For the Love of Jane Austen

Deputy Sheriff Charlie Pruitt got more than he bargained for when he joined the all-female Jane Austen Summer Reading Club in The Deputy’s Perfect Match. But like every good Austen novel, in the end he received the best gift of all—the girl.

Which Jane Austen novel or film is your favorite?


What does your ringtone reveal about you?

Recognize this ringtone? This was Charlie’s ringtone in The Deputy’s Perfect Match—What’s yours?

This ringtone really suited the deputy sheriff’s personality.

Evy’s ringtone reveals something surprising behind her quiet librarian demeanor—

How does your ringtone reflect who you are?

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Preview for The Deputy’s Perfect Match


It was kind of fun to wind her up and set her off. Like watching a jewelry box ballerina go all hula girl on a dashboard.

Charles Everett Pruitt III (Charlie) about Evy Shaw

from The Deputy’s Perfect Match


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