Roses in the #Southern #Garden from #VinesofEntanglement

Laura Mabry’s favorite roses in her Raleigh garden—

Mr. Lincoln

The classic Mr. Lincoln


The sublime Peace rose

What is your favorite rose?

Hydrids or old-fashioneds?

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“Like Black Spot on Roses”

imagesSublime, romantic, fragrant and a whole lot of bother.

Roses are a Proceed-at-Your-Own-Risk gardening venture. Old-fashioned, heirloom roses tend to be more trouble-free. But roses, no matter the variety, are the divas of the plant kingdom.

As Alison Monaghan—fictional heroine of Carolina Reckoning—says of her best friend, Val Prescott, once Val seizes onto something she’s “like black spot on roses.” And believe Master Gardener Alison, black spot is not something you want in your Southern garden.

Black spot on roses is a plague that thrives in the humid environment of the Southern garden. And like the plague, black spot is highly infectious to your other rose spot

Either plant black spot resistant specimens or be prepared to battle this invader along the epic proportions of Braveheart.

Alison’s Garden Tips

1. Never spray leaves or foliage when watering the plant. Water close to the ground around the base of the rose. Avoid watering in the late afternoon when the water droplets may fail to evaporate with the coming of the night.
2. During the rainy season, remove any infected leaves daily.

1. Spray foliage once a week throughout growing season with commercial fungicides available at your local home improvement store or gardening center.
—If you prefer a more organic approach, try 2 tsp of baking soda to a gallon of water plus a drop of bleach free dish detergent. Spray both sides of the leaves.
2. Rake and destroy any fallen leaves.
3. Spray entire plant with lime-sulfur dormant spray in late winter.
4. Apply 1-2” of fresh mulch atop rose bed each spring.

And good luck.

Any tips for treating black spot?

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Celebrating Red Rose Day—June 12

Old-fashioned/Heirloom Roses in the Southern Garden

Alison Monaghan—Master Gardener, landscape designer, garden docent at Weathersby Historic Park, fictional heroine of Carolina Reckoning—gives her top 10 picks for color, fragrance, bloom.

zephirine_drouhin-600Zephirine Drouhin—my absolute favorite, thornless, spicy fragrance

madameisaacpereireMadame Isaac Pereire—raspberry color, star quality fragrance

reinesdesviolettesReine Des Violettes—purple rose with spicy fragrance

souvenirdelamalmaisonSouvenir de la Malmaison—tea fragrance

honorinedebrabantHonorine de Brabant—rare striped rose


La Reine Victoria—endearing cabbage shape



Lady Banks—yellow, thornless, explosive climber

madamealfredcarreireMadame Alfred Carriere—pale pink/white, fragrant

jospeh'scoatJoseph’s Coat—warm blend of colors



oldblush Old Blush—fragrance like sweet peas

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What’s your favorite rose?

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