10 Favorite Gardens to Visit

Landscape designer, Alison Monaghan—fictional heroine of Carolina Reckoning—lists her Top 10 Favorite Gardens to Visit.

P1040189Elizabethan Gardens
1411 National Park Dr, Manteo, NC

Stourhead Gardensstourhead

Wiltshire, England

enidhauptEnid A. Haupt Garden at Smithsonian
Washington, D.C.

Biltmore Gardensbiltmore

Asheville, NC

bodnantBodnant Gardens
Conwy, Wales

Denver Botanic Gardensdenver
1007 York St, Denver, CO

desertDesert Botanical Garden
1201 N. Galvin Parkway, Phoenix, Arizona

Sarah P. Duke Gardensduke
420 Anderson St, Durham, NC

japaneseteaJapanese Tea Garden at Golden Gate Park
75 Hagiwara Tea Garden Dr, San Francisco, CA


Bishop’s Garden National Cathedral

3101 Wisconsin Ave NW, Washington, DC

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Other than your own garden of course, what is one of your favorite gardens to tour?

What makes it so special to you?


Groundcovers in the Southern Garden

Alison Monaghan—Master Gardener, landscape designer, garden docent at Weathersby Historic Park, fictional heroine of Carolina Reckoning—gives her top groundcover recommendations for the Southern garden.

Shade Garden Groundcover
wild gingerWild GingerAsarum europaeum—Zone 5-9
Glossy heart-shaped leaves, evergreen perennial, semi to deep shade, spread but not invasive, beautiful combination with lacy texture of ferns in woodland, naturalized garden.

Lily of the ValleyConvallaria majalis—Zone 3-9lilyofthevalley
Deciduous perennial, white bell-shaped flowers, fragrant, partial to full shade, plant where room to spread in colonies for beautiful woodland garden.

sweet woodruffSweet woodruffGalium odoratum—Zone 4-8
Semi-evergreen to deciduous perennial. Best in part shade to deep shade. Will invade if not situated in naturalized setting. Starlike flowers.

English ivyHedera helix—Zone 5-10english ivy
You can’t kill this stuff. Very invasive. But beautiful in formal, Southern gardens. Partial to full shade. Great for slopes where hard to grow anything else. Evergreen.

hostaHosta—Zone 4-9
Southerners love this stuff. Deciduous perennial. Partial to full shade. Greens, gold, blues, variegated. One can never how too many in a garden. Grown for its foliage. Wonderful border plant.

Ferns—Zone 4-8ferns
Deciduous, plant in woodland setting. Frothy frond foliage texture contrast beautiful against hosta. So many ferns, so little space. Pick your favorites—Maidenhair, Lady, Japanese Painted, Hay-scented, Wood fern, Cinnamon fern, Christmas fern

Sunny Garden Groundcover
lamb'searLamb’s earStachys byzantina—Zone 5-10
Semi evergreen. Prolific. Leaves wondered feltlike silver gray fuzz. I love combining these against other blue/purple flowers and spring bulbs.

PeriwinkleVinca minor—Zone 4-8
Evergreen perennial. May require some afternoon shade in hot Southern climate. Can trim with lawn mower to keep in check. Blooms same time as daffodils. Periwinkle

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What’s your favorite groundcover?

Send a jpg to lisa@lisacarterauthor.com and I’ll share your photo.