Favorite Christmas Songs—Christmas Dreaming

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Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas—a 6 minute #video

This song was my inspiration while writing The Christmas Baby. I hope you will take this opportunity to worship with me through the thought-provoking words of this song.

It is my prayer that as you prepare for this Christmas season of His advent that you will make your heart His Bethlehem. And that His love will truly be born in you.

How to Avoid Getting Seasick #video

Evy Shaw, heroine of The Deputy’s Perfect Match, wishes she had seen this how-not-to video before getting into the boat.

Have you ever been seasick? What worked for you?

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A Place Where Hope Replaces Hurt

The foster kids camp in The Deputy’s Perfect Match was inspired by the real-life ministry of Royal Family KIDS camp.

This wonderful organization makes a difference in the lives of so many children.

Here’s how you can be a part of changing lives—Royal Family KIDS Camp.